Annex A - Company Information and Rates 2020

No. EN578-200392
Standing Offer
Government of Canada - Car Rental Program for All Employees

Table of Contents

Company Data

  1. Government Rates Identification Number
  2. Method of Payment


  1. Car Rental Services
  2. Vehicle Categories
  3. Official Languages

Government Rates

  1. Rates
  2. Currency
  3. Taxes and Service Fees
  4. Cost Reimbursable contractors and Other Travelers


Government Rate Identification Number

The code used in the Offeror's reservation system to access the government rates quoted in this Standing Offer is listed in the Car Rental Directory.

Method of Payment

  1. The credit cards that are accepted by the Offeror for the payment of car rental services are indicated in the Car Rental Directory.

  2. BMO presently offers Government of Canada employees with their Individual Designated Travel Card (IDTC) which is a Mastercard.


Car Rental Services

Car rental locations may offer the following services:

  1. Additional cost for CDW for drivers 18 to 21 years of age.
  2. Additional cost for CDW for drivers 22 to 24 years of age.
  3. Vehicles available with hand controls for persons with disabilities.
  4. Snow tires available at additional cost.*
  5. Snow tires available at no cost
  6. Vehicles with block heaters available.
  7. Free delivery and pickup of vehicle within the city (city counters only).
  8. Additional charges for delivery and pickup of vehicle within the city (city counters only).
  9. Sucharge applies to rentals in this city (US only). (See Preface exceptions)
  10. Government rates applicable to Cost Reimbursable Contractors and other travelers.
  11. Cost for additional drivers
  12. Alternate fuels accepted**
  13. One-Way Rental Fee - Flat Rate***
  14. One-Way Rental Fee - Per Kilometre***
  15. One-Way Rental Fee - Combination of Flat Rate and Per Kilometre***
  16. One-way rentals not offered at this location
  17. Roadside assistance available at extra cost

* The fee applicable to snow tires as well as a description of when these fees apply is indicated in the Car Rental Dierctory.

** Alternate fuels mean low-level ethanol-blended fuels, also known as E-10.

*** One-way rentals may not be available at all times. Availability is based on the vehicle type requested being available for a one-way rental. If not, the contractor may indicate that one-way rentals are not available at the time of reservation.

Vehicle Categories

Vehicles will generally be available in the following categories:

Passenger Vehicles

  1. Hybrid
  2. Compact
  3. Intermediate Sedan
  4. Standard Sedan
  5. Full Size Sedan
  6. Mini-van
  7. Standard SUV

Commercial Vehicles

  1. ½ Ton Pick-up
  2. ¾ Ton Pick-up
  3. 1 Ton Pick-up
  4. 8 and 15 Passenger Vans
  5. Cargo Vans
  6. Cube Vans (12' to 22')
  7. 3 Ton Cargo Truck

Two and four door models of the same passenger vehicle type must not be placed in different categories.

The Government of Canada encourages employees to consider environmentally responsible practices when renting vehicles for the conduct of government business. The automotive industry has recently begun producing increasing numbers of high-efficiency vehicles, most notably hybrids. However, the demand for such types of vehicles for rental purposes is still at an early stage. We are encouraging employees on official government business travel to rent such vehicles wherever available and practical. Should this not be possible or practical, employees may wish to consider selecting other types of vehicles with reported lower emissions when selecting a rental vehicle.

Official Languages

Canadian companies are encouraged to provide services in both official languages.



  1. Offerors have provided maximum rates. Although the rates posted in the Car Rental Directory cannot be changed during the period of the Standing Offer, Offerors may:

    1. offer lower rates to employees during the period of the Standing Offer;
    2. post lower rates on the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), and
    3. post lower rates on their own web site which can be linked to the Car Rental Directory.

    If the Offeror offers lower rates at the time of reservation or registration, other than those that are part of the Standing Offer, the rest of the Terms and Conditions of this Standing Offer must still apply.

  2. Non-commissionable Rates

    The rates quoted are non-commissionable. Rates are free of the normal commission paid to travel agents for booking reservations. Any other fees or costs incurred by the car rental company pertaining to such reservations are outside the terms of this Standing Offer.


  1. Canadian companies have quoted rates in Canadian dollars.

  2. American companies have quoted rates in American dollars.

Taxes and Service Fees

The rates quoted are exclusive of Federal, Provincial and State Sales Taxes, any applicable airport improvement taxes, tire and fuel conservation taxes and charges for Air Conditioning Surcharge Recovery Fee (ACSRF), Vehicle Licensing Fee (VLF) and Airport Concession Recovery Fee (ACRF), and surcharges for rentals in the USA, all of which will be shown separately in the Directory and on all invoices and paid by the Identified Users. All other fees are included in the rate and should not be charged to Identified users. Federal Government employees are required to pay the GST and PST or HST for car rentals directly to the suppliers of such services. Provincial sales tax exemption numbers should not be quoted for these purchases.

Cost Reimbursable Contractors and Other Travelers

Some Offerors agree to extend their government rates to cost reimbursable contractors, consultants or advisors working under contract to an Identified User and traveling on official government business in performance of that contract. Identified users are advised to provide cost reimbursable contractors, consultants or advisors with a letter, specifying the duration of their contract or specifying that they are on travel status on behalf of the government and their destination. Unless such identification is provided, such travellers may not be eligible to receive government rates listed in the Directory. Vehicle rental companies that have agreed to extend their rates to cost reimbursable contractors, consultants or advisors will have this information displayed in the Directory under "Services Offered".

Cost reimbursable contractors, consultants or advisors are not authorized to rent passenger or commercial vehicles when it is for non-travel related purposes.