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2020 Accommodation Search Page

NOTE: On February 4th, a new interface to the Hotel Directory was deployed. However, numerous problems were encountered by our users. As a result, our supplier for the Hotel Directory advised us that they reverted back to the previous interface on Friday, February 14th. Please note that we are currently in contact with our supplier to get the various issues resolved and will work with them before we re-release the new interface.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

To access the Accommodation Directory, please select the link below.

Government of Canada Accommodation Directory.

NOTE: Should you wish to bookmark the Accommodation Directory, please bookmark this page and not the welcome page of the actual directory on Lanyon (page that you see once you click on the link above). Doing so will result in an error being displayed or the page will time out and you will need to return here to access the directory.