Welcome to the 2021 Accommodation and Car Rental Directory.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, many accommodation establishments are currently closed or are functioning with very limited capabilities. Also, some car rental suppliers have temporarily closed some of their counters and the ones that remain open are doing so with reduced personnel. As such, we recommend to Identified Users to verify with the suppliers if they are still operating and are able to supply the required services.

We would also like to mention that some suppliers offer reduced rates and suspending some fees. Please verify the supplier's Web site to see if this is applicable. However, the terms and conditions of our Standing Offers still apply even if a reduced rate is offered or if some fees are temporarily suspended.

This web site is intended solely for the use of the Identified Users and suppliers identified herein. The negotiated rates are to be used only by the Identified Users while on official Government business travel authorized by Federal, Provincial or Territorial Governments and paid or reimbursed from public funds in accordance with Government Travel Policy.

NOTE: We strongly urge employees to consult the 2021 Accommodation and Car Rental Directory preface as it contains important information for employees that wish to travel on government business.

The directory includes some links to Web sites as well as information provided by accommodation and car rental service suppliers or other third-party suppliers that are used by our approved suppliers.

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