What's New


What's new for 2020

New Cancellation Policy (Accommodation Establishments)

The cancellation policy has now changed from 4:00PM, day of arrival to 24 hours. This means that Identified Users will need to make their cancellations 24 hours (local time of the accommodation establishment) prior to the time of check-in of the hotel. This change was implemented in order to follow industry standard practices.

City Rate Limit Calculations

The city rate limits for 2020 for Canada and USA were calculated based on the following.

The average of the highest and lowest rate (with a minimum of $100) of all bids received, plus 10 percent was used to determine the city rate limits.

Breakfast - Reminder

Hotels offer various types of breakfast as part of their service, either at cost or as part of the room rate. When making their travel plans, employees should verify the hotel breakfast offerings and determine whether or not it meets their needs. If not, other hotel options should be explored or their individual needs discussed with their manager for approval of a reimbursement based on receipts, up to meal allowance amount. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the employee/traveler to inquire upon check-in as to what is required by the employee/traveler (use of a voucher or coupon) to be eligible to receive the breakfast offering.

Car Rental - Term of Standing Offer

The Car Rental Standing Offers now have a validity period of 3 years. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the Car Rental Standing Offer for details.

Winter tires - Reminder

Although it is not mandatory in all the province, winter tires are mandatory on some highways in British Columbia. We encourage you to verify with the car rental company if they are required for the area you will be traveling to.

In the province of Québec, snow tires are mandatory on all vehicles between December 1 and March 15.

For all other provinces and territories, there are no laws concerning mandatory use of snow tires.